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Other place names around the Loch Lomond and Trossachs area

Aberfoyle - abar a’ phuill –mouth of the muddy pool.

An Caisteal –Gaelic, castle –this castle is a Munro near Crianlarich, near Cruach Ardrain –high mountain.

Ardlui Bay, at the north end of Loch LomondArdlui –the height (high ground) of the calves.

Ardentinny –Aird an teine –the height of the fire (meaning a warning beacon). Or possibly Aird an t-seannaich –height of the fox.

Arrochar Alps –though first seen in print only in 1946 by climber Ben Humble, now widely used as it is a convenient term, the place name Arrochar has a meaning much disputed! Possibly from Latin aratrum then arachor, ultimately meaning a portion of ploughed land –basically a land measurement (cf Scots davoch).

Balloch –bealach –pass.

Balmaha –perhaps bal maitheas ‘township of mercy’ OR connected with St Maha, as there is a St Maha’s well nearby.

Balquhidder –baile-chuidir –with the bal (baile) part common in Scotland, meaning a township. The second part is a mystery, though some think it means backward-lying country.

Ben An –am binnean –pinnacle.

A temperature inversion in the Arrochar AlpsBen Donich –dona –evil mountain but nobody knows why!

Ben Ledi –perhaps ‘beinn an leothaid’ mountain of the gentle slope. Others say beinn-le-dhia –mountain of god, because of association with ancient festivals.

Ben Vane –mheadhoin –middle.

Ben Venue –uaimh –caves

Ben Vorlich –another example of a name with several explanations - perhaps beinn mhor loch - mountain of the big loch OR beinn mhor-luig- mountain of the big hollow or corrie OR beinn mhuir’lag –mountain of the bays OR beinn mhor-leacach - big slabby or stony mountain.

Brig o’ Turk –droachaid an tuirc –bridge of the boar.