Yellow saxifrage    Latin name: Saxifraga aizoidesYellow saxifrage

Starry saxifrageStarry saxifrage    Latin name: Saxifraga stellaris

Purple saxifrage    Latin Name:
Saxifraga oppositifoliaPurple saxifrage

Where: Rocky crags; wet flushes and stream sides; particularly on limestone such as Ben Lui and Ben Lawers area

When: May to July


These beautiful little plants are all mountain lovers –dotting our sometimes drab hillsides with colour. Purple saxifrage is the first to flower in late April or early May on damp, rocky ledges. The cushions of densely set, tiny oval leaves are sprinkled with its delicate lilac flowers. It prefers alkaline soils so it is most often found on the limy soils of Ben Lui and Ben Lawers.


Yellow saxifrage waits until June before revealing its golden flowers. The blooms are often speckled with red like bright freckles. It is often found by streams as it loves the damp even more than purple saxifrage.


Starry saxifrage is also a lover of mountain streams. It is much less retiring than its purple cousin, holding its well-named white flowers aloft on slim stalks above a rosette of fleshy leaves in June and July.


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