Clan Graham

Ne Oublie
(Do not forget)


The name Graham has been prominent in Scotland’s story since earliest times, with the Great Marquess of Montrose playing his part in one of the most romantic chapters in Scotland’s story.The later third Marquess purchased extensive estates by Loch Lomond in 1682, these being acquired from the Buchanans. Buchanan House and its successor, Buchanan Castle, became the clan seat. The 4th Marquess acquired the title Duke of Montrose in 1707, for his part in promoting the Union with England. He became principal Secretary of State in 1714.

They avoided the troubles of the Jacobite uprisings, though the same Duke of Montrose was the instigator of the cattle-dealing business transaction that went awry for the famous Rob Roy Macgregor after his partner disappeared with the Duke’s funds. Some writers speculate that the intention of the Duke all along was to use the Jacobite-sympathising Rob Roy as a political tool –to force him to bear witness against one of Montrose’s political rivals –none other than the Campbell Duke of Argyll - and to say he was colluding with the Jacobites (thus ruining Argyll’s political career prospects!) When Rob refused, Montrose took his revenge –seizing Rob’s lands by Craigrostan on Loch Lomondside, thus further adding to his landholdings in the area.

The seat of the Clan Graham is still Buchanan Castle. The present building dates from 1854, and was built by the 4th Duke of Montrose. The castle was sold in 1925, and became a hospital in World War II –its most famous occupant being the Nazi Rudolf Hess who was taken there after his mysterious flight to Scotland.After that, the roof was removed and the building fell into disrepair. It is currently listed as in need of conservation and restoration.

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