Clan Buchanan

Clarior Hinc Honos
(Henceforth forward the honour shall grow ever brighter)

Giving their name to the parish in the south-east part of Loch Lomond, the progenitor of the Buchanan line was said to be an 11-the century Irishman called Anselan O’Kyan who settled in the area. King Alexander III in the 13th century confirms Buchanan ownership of Clairinsh in Loch Lomond. They are mentioned again when recognised by King David II (as Buchquhanane) and other branches of the family were by then established in the area. They remained prominent until 1682. Then the last of the male line, John Buchannan of that Ilk, died and the estate was sold to the 3rd Marquis of Montrose. He became the 1st Duke of Montrose and was the Chief of the Clan Graham (see below).

The Buchanans gradually dispersed, though in 1725 a society was set up and known as ‘The Buchanan’s Charity, kept at Glasgow” This in turn evolved into the Buchanan Society, claiming to be the oldest society of its kind – and still active.  The Loch Lomond island Clairinch – which gave the clan their battle cry or slogan ‘Clar Innis’ - was acquired by Clan Buchanan in 1934 (by way of a wealthy clansman).

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